Conformity assessment is the verification process carried out by the manufacturer, which demonstrates the conformity of a given product with the specific requirements. Even if a manufacturer outsources the design or production of the product, it continues to be responsible for the conformity assessment.

A product is subject to a conformity assessment both during its conception and production phase.

The main objective of a conformity assessment procedure is to demonstrate that the products placed on the market meet the relevant legal requirements

What are the criteria that define which module applies to my product?

The complexity of the modules selected must be proportional to the risk (impact on public interest, health, safety and environment) of the product, the complexity of its design, the nature of its production (large vs. small series, tailor-made production mechanism vs. simple or complex, etc.).

Each legislative act (each Directive or Regulation) defines the conformity assessment schemes that can be used by manufacturers to demonstrate product conformity, based on a set of previously established rules.

Conformity assessment schemes under the Construction products regulation